Don’t choose between price and quality !
Smyline aligners are a French AND affordable aligner solution.

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Invisible and comfortable

Practitioner follow-up

Follow-up application

Retainers included

Affordable price

Made in France

Our comparison chart

Price and quality: Smyline, a complete aligner solution

Every smile is unique, and so is every treatment! We invite you to contact your partner dentist for a customized quote.
After 16 years, social security no longer covers orthodontic treatment. However, many mutual insurance companies offer reimbursements. Contact your mutual insurance company and submit your estimate to find out how much you will have to pay.

To help you manage your budget, you can pay for your Smyline treatment in instalments (at the partner practitioner’s discretion).

retainers included

At Smyline, retainers is of course included in your treatment plan.

FAQ Pricing

Are Smyline aligners reimbursed by social security?

No, Smyline aligners are not covered by social security. After the age of 16, Social Security no longer covers orthodontic treatment. However, we recommend that you consult your mutual insurance company for details of its contribution and refunds.

Do mutual insurance companies cover Smyline treatments?

Today, more and more mutual insurance companies cover the cost of dental treatments, particularly aligners. Reimbursements vary from one mutual to another. We advise you to get in touch with your advisor and submit a quote to find out how much you will be reimbursed before you start your treatment.

How do I get a quote for my treatment?

Once your treatment plan has been drawn up, you’ll receive a quote which you can forward to your health insurance company to find out exactly how much you’ll be covered.

How much do Smyline aligners cost ?

Smyline aims to make aligners accessible to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we charge a fair price. The price of each treatment is obviously different for each smile. Our treatments start at around €2,000, which is one of the best value for money on the market.